Due to my reverence for Crossfit Lumberyard I could easily write an evaluation the length of a novel but I’ll do my best to keep this succinct and highlight only the most significant aspects for your review.

My Crossfit (CF) journey started 2 years ago and after four different boxes (gyms) and roughly 15 coaches, I’ve finally found the facility and community I consider “home.”  At the epicenter of this greatness is Reid Worthington, owner and head coach. A two time regionals competitor, I expected an experienced athlete that could share valuable insight on technique and strength building but what I hadn’t expected was a truly self-less and devoted coach that inspires personal growth on a daily basis.  He wants to see success as YOU define it.  Whether your goal is to be stronger, leaner, healthier, a more advanced/competitive athlete or all of the above, Reid and his staff are genuinely dedicated to getting you there.

What separates the Lumberyard from other CF boxes is Reid’s intentionally small intimate class sizes and keen eye for detail that gives him the ability to treat every workout of the day (WOD) like a personal training session for each member in attendance.  It’s not a one-style-fits-all coaching method; Reid invests his time and energy into understanding you and your needs & abilities and is then able to modify, scale or even enhance the daily programming according to your personal preferences.  This goes for every member, newbies and veterans alike, each of whom receives the same treatment and attention.  Consistent coaching, in my opinion, is hard to come by and for this reason among many, I choose the Lumberyard as my CF home.

Another differentiating factor that I find invaluable in a strength and conditioning environment is the Lumberyard’s commitment to safety and well-being.  Like any high intensity sport with complex movements, there’s room for error and ultimately injury when not practiced properly.  Reid and his staff make it a priority to focus on mobility, technique and progressions to ensure that you, as an athlete of any caliber, are prepared for the movement and/or weight that’s being performed that day.

Lastly, this review would be incomplete without mentioning the Community that Crossfit Lumberyard was built upon and now thrives off of.  Defying popular stereotypes of Crossfitters as meatheads, egotistical a-holes and judgmental cliques, The Lumberyard is a community based on encouragement and support.   We celebrate one another’s successes just as much as we celebrate our own.  In fact, you’ll have to come in and see some of the PR (personal record) dances for yourself since words cannot describe how fun and outrageous these celebratory rituals can be!  Which sums up our motto at the Lumberyard: as hard as we work, we play equally hard by making sure we keep a high energy and positive atmosphere day in and day out.

Whether you’re interested in trying Crossfit out for the first time, finding a new box to call your home or just looking for a place to drop in while on vacation, Crossfit Lumberyard welcomes you!

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