Kimmy N.

I love the energy at the Lumberyard and always look forward to working out there!  Reid’s enthusiasm and desire to make everyone a better athlete is palpable.

His astute eye for strength makes him an amazing coach; he just sees where I am stronger than I think and challenges me to more weight or more challenging movements.  I hit PRs on lifts I thought I was done with, and I always leave there thoroughly spent and satisfied with the effort I put forth.  Reid brings it out of you.  His coaching makes you want to be better.  How many coaches can you honestly say that about?

All of his programming, which entails lifting and bodyweight movements, is scalable according to skill level, which is significant for beginners and advanced athletes alike. For those just starting, Reid will take the time to break down each movement according to what a person is able to do, but for those more advanced, he will modify movements to keep you challenged and sweating. All of his workouts are fun ones, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t stew over the ones I miss. His high energy and positive approach to every workout fuels every athlete there and gets even the most timid person (like me) excited to give it everything you have!

His energy attracts like-minded people, so working out at the Lumberyard means his classes are full of those who not only want to get better themselves but also want you to get better. Reid brings that energy, and it’s contagious and pervasive… in the best way. I am there 3 times a week, and I miss it when I’m not there. The small family of member Lumberjacks and Lumberjills welcomes everyone, and I just love being there! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a challenging workout. After one of Reid’s workouts, the day looks a lot better, the world looks a little more promising, and you’ll feel ready for anything!

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