Nick H.

~Coaching and Owner 5 Stars!
Reid Worthington embodies the concept of CrossFit. He is a Badass.  He is Strong.  A two time regional athlete that lifts and moves some of the heaviest weight I’ve seen while his coaching techniques are more elegantly executed than the movements of Nadia Comaneci. He can bring the strongest of athletes to new levels and uses patience, understanding and motivation with those new to CrossFit. Almost two years ago, Reid was my very first coach. Now he has his own facility!

~Programming-5 Stars!
The Facility is All Heart and No Fluff! Reid’s programming is art. It is some of the most comprehensive and well balanced programming I have seen. It will kick your ass into shape and take any athlete to new levels. Reid’s coaching includes modifying the workout to any skill range even for beginners.  Personal Records are common here and are celebrated events throughout the box.

“Reids Place,” “The Lumber Yard,” “The Box”…call it what you want but to most of us we just call it home.

The Lumber Yard, Anaheim…Another reason the OC is the best place to live!

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